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Tom Loker and Tim Henning bring you a new podcast series, HealthReform 2.0: Beyond the Partisan Divide.  It’s the only podcast in the world for people with a curious mind and a desire to have a better healthcare system. We are looking for people who what to know why healthcare doesn’t work, how we got here or what we can do to fix it?  We hope you will listen to this teaser and subscribe. The podcast is available on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and others coming soon.

May 14, 2018

Henry J. Kaiser did more for America than build WWII Liberty Ships. Find out about our Greatest Entrepreneur and his legacy of healthcare.

Henry J. Kaiser is arguably America’s first and greatest entrepreneur. His accomplishments ranged from construction to healthcare, from steel and aluminum to aerospace and electronics, shipbuilding to sand and cement. He singularly changed the landscape of a large portion of America with the Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dam as well as roads in Washington State, Cuba and Hawaii. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have a long way to go to be close to the diversity of interests, success or enduring legacy that Henry J. Kaiser left on America.

Henry J’s legacy as the founder of Kaiser Permanente should be seen as his most significant achievement.  With Dr. Sydney Garfield, he created an enduring legacy with a method and practice of care that has stood the test of time and offers a series of significant lessons that can help America define part of its healthcare future.

Come listen as Henry J’s grandson, Henry M. Kaiser, spends some time with Tom and Tim sharing his memories of his grandfather, his experience in Kaiser Industries and Kaiser Permanente and his impression of his grandfather’s legacy.